The construction insulation market is a major outlet for Synbra. Despite the often traditional nature of the construction industry, customers have warmly welcomed the many innovations from Synbra through our business units IsoBouw Systems (Benelux), IsoBouw Systems (Benelux), IsoBouw Dämmtechnik (Germany), Styrolit (Denmark) and Plastimar (Portugal).

Ever higher standards in the insulation market
The application of new high performance EPS in many exciting new insulation products is just one example of our drive to set ever higher standards in the insulation market.

The unique qualities of lightweight, moisture resistant EPS are highly appreciated in European construction. High compressive strength makes EPS products ideal for applications on flat and pitched roofs. EPS offers exceptional value for money and is completely safe to work with. For insulation purposes, EPS can be provided in a ‘flame retardant’ quality for optimal fire safety.

The range of Synbra’s EPS products for construction is extensive. It includes roof elements, roof systems, wall and floor insulation. In addition we offer smart EPS solutions for foundations and permanent shuttering for groundwork projects, road works and civil engineering. The agricultural, portable building and refrigeration industries are provided with insulation panels for ceilings, roofs and walls.

Underfloor heating
The growth in demand for underfloor heating systems is being satisfied with an ever-growing range of products and systems. Underfloor heating systems enable easier room decoration, more comfort and greater economy compared to traditional wall mounted systems.

Shuttering Systems
Multi function solutions such as this shuttering system for the construction of foundations find favour with those needing fast, reliable building methods. In addition to providing low cost, easy to fix permanent formwork for foundations the EPS remains in position and contributes to the insulation of the finished building

Throughout all markets, shortages of skilled labour and the need for ever-more rapid construction are resulting in the need for new pre-fabricated offsite solutions. These challenges are being met by, amongst others, low cost, constructive elements. More recent developments in EPS materials have enabled these products to become even thinner and hence lighter and easy to handle.