Synbra’s expertise in developing the most innovative cost-effective solutions to individual packaging needs has made our holding the market leader in foamed plastic packaging throughout Western Europe. Our business units Synprodo (Benelux and Germany), Styropack DK (Denmark) and Plastimar (Portugal) supply local markets with versatile packaging products for a wide variety of applications.

Ideal packaging solutions
In many ways, EPS and EPP are ideal materials for protective packaging. EPS is very suitable when low weight, insulating and shock absorbing qualities are needed. Furthermore, EPS packaging offers great value for money and can be easily custom made to meet any individual demand. The elasticity of EPP is very appropriate for packaging valuable and vulnerable products, such as electronics. Synbra’s innovatory approach often makes the end product more than just packaging.

Synbra’s business units offer packaging and associated products for a wide range of applications and industries, including:
  • fish boxes
  • food packaging
  • packaging for electrical components and consumer products
  • protective packaging for white and brown goods
  • packaging for technical products
  • protective packaging for the pharmaceutical and medical industries
  • hobby products
  • lost foam moulds
  • technical moulded components
  • horticultural trays
EPP Climate control systems
With a range of EPP products, in combination with others using EPS, solutions can be found for every application. Allied to market knowledge and innovatory thinking, these materials enable production of sophisticated, technical components such as climate control systems. In reality there is little that cannot be achieved.

The Star Cell Tray® developed and patented by Synbra has revolutionised horticulture. Plants are able to grow more quickly and can be mechanically picked and transferred to larger growing areas much faster. More recently the product has been further developed with smoother cell walls to provide even greater productivity.

Fish boxes
For countless years Synbra has met the ever-changing demands of local fish box markets. Today, solutions seem almost without limit and can include, for example, printing, skinned products for additional properties, and features to give extended shelf life of the contents.